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2019 JuCad Black Mamba - Titanium 3 Wheel Electric Golf Trolley

2019 JuCad Black Mamba - Titanium 3 Wheel Electric Golf Trolley - High Performance Lithium Battery For Up To 45 Holes - Dissembled in Seconds - Mini Packing Size 65x35x15 cm - Weight 5.9Kg - 5 Year Guarantee - Free Delivery to all of Europe.

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JuCad Unbreakable Mirror:
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Exclusive Golf Trolleys - Handmade in Germany

Our in-house targets to achieve the highest standards of quality and functional utility are your guarantee for a high-class product - handmade by craftsmen in Germany. Jutec Biegesysteme GmbH is a family firm with a thirty-year tradition in tubular metal forming and assembly at state-of-the-art levels. The design and construction of JuCad golf trolleys embody this wealth of experience both in looks and function.

JuCad Black Mamba Titanium TrolleyElegance and Techology at the Highest Level

Weighing only 5.9 kg the JuCad Black Mamba is a flyweight amongst golf trolleys. The matt black surface of this special edition conceals the noble shimmering titanium material, which remains visible at selected spots. The JuCad Black Mamba has an additional push-joint to achieve the minuscule travel packing size of only 65x35x15 cm. Given this folded size it will fit not only into the boot of any sports car but also inside the Travelcover in addition to your golf bag. An environment-friendly highperformance lithium battery provides ample power for up to 45 holes and is invisibly stored inside the golf bag. The intelligent JuCad traction system has a permanent two-wheel drive with two axle integrated high-tech motors plus an electronic braking system giving optimal performance even on steep mountain courses. The comfortable rotary control switch with D=drive, N=neutral and R=reverse functions together with the preset distance option add to the trolley‘s distinctive features. Of course, the elegant electric trolley guarantees despite its low weight absolute stability and it is, like all JuCad models, also suitable for heavy bags.


JuCad Black Mamba Golf Trolley Technical Details: 

  • simple operation with stepless rotary speed control
  • height adjustable handle bar with high quality titanium knob
  • rotary control switch for drive, reverse and neutral functions
  • automatic preset distance control button (10-20-30 m)
  • easy push or pull handling even without battery power
  • effortless performance from silent traction system with two quiet and powerful motors
  • cables, motors and battery remain invisible
  • electronic downhill brake (cruise control)
  • upper and lower folding / turning bag supports
  • extremely strong free running high-tech wheels
  • wheels with interchangeable air-cushion tyres
  • choice of several wheel and tyre colours at no extra cost
  • easily dissembled, with additional push-fit connection for mini packing size
  • umbrella fixing system for JuCad umbrella
  • high performance lithium battery for up to 45 holes incl. charger
  • weight 5.9 kg
  • dissembled in seconds- mini packing size 65x35x15 cm
  • optional remote control
  • all JuCad electric trolleys are equipped with an electronic downhill brake and a cruise control, providing driving comfort on all fairways.
  • 5 Year Guarantee
Dissembled in seconds - mimi packing size 65x35x15 cm The noble titanium shimmers elrgantly through the mat lacquered finish and is also visable at the rotary switch All JuCad electric trolleys come with a very compact JuCad Powerpack and a small handy charger
High-tech wheels with up-to-date racing technology for best ease of use. Easy push-fit The right handle position for every height of golfer the handle bar has crown teeth arrestment for maximum adjustability and ride height Height adjustable handel bar with high quality titanium knob
JuCad Golf Trolley Accessories
Even more enjoyment with the optional remote control. The JuCad remote control is an optional extra for all JuCad electric trolleys. JuCad scorecard holder, also for tees and balls, with rainproof cover. New! Unbreakable mirror made of stainless steel. Can be taped directly into the scorecard holder lid for a quick routine glance during your round of golf.
JuCad clip for the JuCad remote control, for fixation on your clothes. JuCad Carrybag and transport bag with wheels and telescopic hand The JuCad holder with velcro fixing ensures a firm hold for your GPS device.
When buying a new JuCad trolley you can opt for an additional parking brake for security even on extremely steep terrains. The extra lightweight and large JuCad golf umbrella will protect you in any weather conditions. Simply fix your smart phone or GPS system to the trolley when going for a round of golf. Suitable for all JuCad models.
JuCad Charger Cable with USB connector provides power during your round. Smart phones, GPS systems can all be easily charged on the JuCad Powerpack. The practical bottle holder keeps your drinks always at your fingertips JuCad titanium golfer stool with a highquality and weather resistant seating is easily clipped to the trolley and instantly available when needed. The titanium seat can be engraved with your name and is delivered with a practical nylon transport cover.
JuCad Rain Cover available in black, red and silver colours Jucad Travelcover are available in 3 sizes, Small. Medium and Large JuCad Mobile Charger - The mobile docking station enables you to charge the JuCad Powerpack during your car journey

JuCad ID Etching

If you want your Name, Club or Other details these can be etched onto you juCad trolley during manufacture. Please email us your Etching requirements using the email link provided below.


JuCad Wheels and Wheel Reims

The original JuCad wheels are available in many colour combinations designed to match the exclusive JuCad golf bags. Rim and tyre colours can be freely combined, whithout surcharge. The JuCad wheel has a tyre profile specially geared for golf course conditions – the tyres can be changed at any time.



JuCad Golf Trolley Configurator:

  1. Click on the Jucad Configure button below to being your design.
  2. To begin, Please select a trolley model and complete your chosen design?
  3. Once your JuCad Trolley Configuration is done, click on the "print" icon option you can now email a copy of your completed JuCad Trolley Configuration summary using the email link listed below. (Hi-light the text of your Configuration summary - Copy the text (Right mouse click) then paste this text into the subject field of the email.)
  4. Complete your JuCad order by choosing your colour choose options for tyres, wheel rims etc and then making your payment.
  5. If you have any special requiements or require any help please contact a member of our Customer Services Team on Tel No:+441534483252

Please Click on the JuCad configurator below to design your Trolley!

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