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2019 Ping Golf Clubs - PING G Fairway Woods

2019 Ping Golf Clubs - Gents G Fairway Woods - Custom-Engineered For Low-Back CG to Ensure High Launch, Low Spin And Extreme Forgiveness - Fairway Woods That Can Be Optimized To Desired Launch Conditions And Ball Flight, Loft is Adjustable +/- 1° On All Fairway Woods - Conforms to R&A & USGA Regulations - Free Shipping to all of Europe - Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!

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With the G fairway woods, getting the ball in the air is easy with their lower lead edge, which gets the club under the ball so impact occurs higher on the face. Our thinnest crown ever in a PING fairway wood allows for a low-back CG to ensure high launch, low spin and extreme forgiveness.



In keeping with the Ping Europe Ltd policy on internet sales of their hardware and equipment, we are unable to sell hardware
through the JustShopOK internet site. However we are still able to take telephone orders on +44(0)1534 483252 as this allows
us to give you our expert advice on Ping's many custom fit options.

Fairway Woods - Straight and Fast.

Ping has lowered the leading edge on the G fairway by 3.6mm and this has the effect of moving the impact position 12% higher on the face, which makes it easier to get it airborne. The lower leading edge works with an internal Cascading Sole Design, which is essentially a thinner section just behind the leading edge on the sole that enables the sole to flex a little more to increase energy return to the ball.The straighter leading edge of the G may take a larger divot than the more curved G30, but this is a small price to pay for an easier to hit fairway. Whilst the head is still 17-4 Stainless Steel, the face is now Carpenter 455 Steel that has a 25% stronger 'yield strength' than the body so that they can make it thinner to flex more without compromising strength.The G crown has also been made 25% thinner than the G30 which saves 7g that is then moved to the sole of the club and moves the CG back just over 4.8mm. This makes the club more forgiving with the MOI increasing from heel to toe by 3% and from top to bottom by 7%. Not much, but it all helps and Ping says that the MOI of the club is 40% higher than most other clubs on the market.

The 169cc G fairway head is the same size as the G30, but has a slightly smaller footprint at address and will appeal to players of all abilities. The face of the 3-wood has the usual painted grooves, whereas the 5 and 7 woods also have real grooves in the centre of the club to help them perform better out of the wet grass. The 3-wood features a rougher surface on the face that increases friction and reduces spin by around 200rpm. The Ping designers were very excited about this as the spin change effectively comes for free as they don't have to change the dimensions of the club to achieve this. ou will see this rougher face on all Ping woods and hybrids as it is a technology that delivers down to around a 5 iron loft. After that it starts to increase spin, which is why there is rough surface between grooves on wedges. It all sounds a little counter-intuitive, but if that is what happens then no need to knock it. Previously with the G30 you just had one head, but with the G range there are two other offerings all of which come with the same high balance point Ping Alta shaft as standard.

In addition to the standard 3-, 5-, and 7-woods, G fairway woods are available in Straight-Flight Technology versions and G Stretch 3-wood. The SF Tec 3- and -5 woods have a CG closer to the heel to provide right-to-left spin (for right-handed golfers) and steer the ball back into the fairway. The G Stretch 3-wood is engineered to stretch your distance off the tee and on shots into the green with its larger head, slightly forward CG, 13º loft, and lower spin.

To fine-tune your launch conditions prior to a round, adjust the loft up to ±1° using Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which utilizes a lightweight, aerodynamically and high-strength 7075 aluminum hosel sleeve. Crown turbulators give the ball a captured appearance and aid in alignment.

Ping G Fairway Wood Technology

  • Fast and Stable: Carpenter 455 Face and a tiered internal sole design increases face bending for higher launching, longer results.
  • Easy to Get Airborne: Low profile lead edge design and optimized CG for higher launch and more forgiveness.
  • Turbulator Technology: Provides more accurate alignment, a captured look, and more is aerodynamic.
  • 25% Thinner Crown: A weight savings of 7 grams lowers CG and raises MOI.
  • Lower Lead Edge: Sits closer to the ground and moves the impact area higher on the face of the club for more solid impact.
  • Alta High-Balance-Point Shaft: Gives more energy, momentum and inertia which means longer, straighter shots.
  • Stretch 3-Wood Option: A larger head of 184cc vs. 167cc, and deeper CG than the traditional fairway wood.
  • SF (Straight Flight) Tec Option: CG is positioned more on the heel-side and a lighter swingweight promotes a right-to-left shot bend.
  • Specifications: Loft is adjustable +/- 1° on all fairway woods.
  • Alta High-Balance-Point Shaft: Gives more energy, momentum and inertia which means longer, straighter shots.

PING G Fairway Wood Options - Fairway Wood's That Fit All Golfers!

  • Ping G Fairway Woods -  Fairway Woods that can be optimized to desired launch conditions and ball flight:
  • G - Custom-engineered for low-back CG to ensure high launch, low spin and extreme forgiveness.
  • G SF TEC - Custom-engineered with weight closer to the heel, a lighter swing weight, and higher lofts for players whose typical miss is to the right
  • G Stretch - Custom-engineered to stretch your distance off the tee and from shots into the green with its larger head, slightly forward CG, 13° loft, and lower spin
PING Driver Distance Flex Chart

To get the most distance from your driver you must optimize the launch angle and spin rate of the ball by selecting the proper loft and shaft flex for your swing speed. Generally, golfers with slower swing speeds require more-lofted drivers and more-flexible shafts to achieve the proper launch conditions. Conversely, golfers with faster swing speeds generally require lower-lofted drivers and firmer shafts.

Ping G Fairway Woods - Standard Shaft Options
 ALTA 65 - Graphite Shaft
 ALTA 65 - Graphite Shaft  Soft Regular  3.6°   63g  High
 ALTA 65 - Graphite Shaft  Regular  3.5°  64g  Mid High
 ALTA 65 - Graphite Shaft  Stiff  3.3°  68g  Mid
 ALTA 65 - Graphite Shaft  X-Stiff  3.2°  69g  Low Mid
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft ping tfc 189 graphite-shaft
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft  Regular  4.3°  53g   Mid
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft  Stiff  3.4°  57g  Low Mid
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft  X-Stiff  3.2°  62g Low
Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft ping cfs
 Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft  Regular  3.3°  64g  Mid
 Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft  Stiff  2.9°  70g  Low Mid
 Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft  X-Stiff  2.8°  76g  Low
Ping G Fairways Woods Standard Grip Options
PING 5L taylormade-speedblad grip
PING 5L   .600" 47.5g Ribbed
PING 5L Cord taylormade-speedblad grip
PING 5L Cord   .600" 47.5g Ribbed
Ping G Fairway Wood Specifications
 Club Loft Length Avg Lie Flex Dexterity Head Size Swing Weight
 3-Wood 14.50° 43.00" 56.00°  S/R, R, S, XS RH/LH 169cc D1
 5-Wood 17.50° 42.50" 56.50° S/R, R, S, XS RH/LH 161cc D1
 7-Wood 20.50° 42.00" 57.00° S/R, R, S, XS RH/LH 152cc D1


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Ping clubs are very good qualities. I use them every day.

Excellent club - I change equipment a lot but this will be staying in the bag for a long time. Long, forgiving and good looking club. Tour shaft highly recommended.
-Andrew Witney