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2017 Srixon Golf Clubs - Z 355 Womens Driver - Free European Deli...

2017 Srixon Golf Clubs - Womens Z 355 Driver - Combines More Distance, Maximum Forgiveness and Great Feel in a Generous-Looking Head Shape.- Conforms to R&A & USGA Regulations - Free Shipping to all of Europe - Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!

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Women's Z 355 Driver - More Distance, Maximum Forgiveness.

The Srixon Z 355 Women's Driver was developed for massive distance, and the key technology that gives you that edge is Action Mass. More weight in the head and an ultra-high balance point Miyazaki shaft help increase ball speed and promote a more consistent, stable swing. It's game-improvement, improved.

QTS adjustability precisely tunes ball flight with 12 unique settings for loft, lie and face angle.

  • High MOI design for added forgiveness and stable flight direction.
  • Enlarged sweet spot through strong yet light 6-4 Ti Booster Cup Face.
  • Action Mass technology for effortless power.

Srixon’s all-new Action Mass is the key technology behind the development of the new Z 55 series. Our extensive digital simulation and player testing revealed that the most effective method to help the improving player make a more consistent swing, is to concentrate more weight in the club head and raise the balance point of the shaft. We have established, through years of testing, that this design promotes distance by organically creating more club head speed through the downswing, and more ball speed at impact thanks to the generation of greater kinetic energy.

Fast, simple QTS allows anyone to easily adjust the loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity settings. Use the 12-way hosel to tun face angle and lie alog with loft.

Womens Z 355 Driver Specifications
  • Player type: Game Improvement
  • Launch: Mid-High
  • Spin: Low
  • Shaft: Miyazaki Jinsoku
  • Grip: Srixon Womens by Golf Pride
  • Warranty: 2 years from date of Purchase
Z 355 Womens Driver Specifications
 Loft Length Lie Dexterity Head Size Head Weight Swing Weight
 12.0° 44.0" 59.0° RH Only 450cc 209g D3
 HL (15.0°) 44.0" 59.0° RH Only .450cc 209g D3
Z 355 Womens Driver Standard Shaft Options
 Shaft Manufacturer Flex Weight Torque Tip OD Kick Point
MIYAZAKI JINSOKU - GRAPHITE (W) Womens 47g 6.5° .350" Mid
Z 355 Womens Driver Standard Grip Options

  Srixon Womens By Golf Pride

taylormade-speedblad grip
 Golf Pride  .600" 39.5g Round
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