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2017 Srixon Golf Clubs - Z 355 Irons Steel Shaft - Free European ...

2017 Srixon Golf Clubs - Gents Z 355 Steel Shaft Irons (6 Irons 5-PW) - Combine More Distance, Maximum Forgiveness and Great Feel in a Mid-High Launching Cavity-Back Profile - Conforms to R&A & USGA Regulations - Free Shipping to all of Europe - Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!

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Z 355 Irons - More Distance, Maximum Forgiveness.

The Srixon Z355 irons combine More Distance, Maximum Forgiveness and Great Feel in a mid-high launching cavity-back profile. Experience the ultimate in ball-striking with confidence giving Srixon Z 745 irons. The muscle cavity design features a thinner topline and more compact shape for a pleasing traditional look that encourages workability. To enhance turf interaction and trajectory control, the Srixon Z 355 irons feature the newly developed Tour V.T. Sole. By increasing leading bounce and decreasing trailing bounce, a “V” is created in the sole profile that has been proven to help tighten shot dispersion. Our tour professionals have raved about the crisp, consistent feel through impact the Tour V.T. Sole provides.

Thin, high-strength HT1770 steel face increases COR for higher ball speeds in #4 – 7 irons. Iron bodies are 431 cast stainless steel; for proven custom-fitting adjustability. High MOI design for added forgiveness and stable flight direction. Action Mass technology for effortless power.

More weight in the head with an ultra high-balance point shaft for greater ball speed and consistency.

Redesigned sole helps tighten shot dispersion with less turf resistance through impact.

A high-strength maraging steel face maximizes distance and forgiveness without compromising feel.

Z 355 Irons Specifications

  • Standard Shaft Steel: NIPPON NS PRO 950GH DST
  • Standard Shaft Graphite: MIYAZAKI JINSOKU
  • Standard Grip: Srixon By Golf Pride
  • Warranty: 2 years from date of Purchase
Z 355 Irons Specifications
 Club Loft Length Lie Dexterity Off Set L.E.B Swing Weight Steel Swing Weight Grp
 4 Iron 22° 38.5" 60.5° RH / LH .187" 19° D1 D2
 5 Iron 24° 38.0" 61.0° RH / LH .179" 20° D1 D2
 6 Iron 27° 37.5" 61.5° RH / LH .167" 21° D1 D2
 7 Iron 31° 37.0" 62.0° RH / LH .156" 22° D1 D2
 8 Iron 35° 36.5" 62.5° RH / LH .144" 23° D1 D2
 9 Iron 39° 36.0" 63.0° RH / LH .128" 26° D1 D2
 PW Wedge 44° 35.5" 63.5° RH / LH .112" 28° D1 D2
 AW Wedge 50° 35.5" 63.5° RH / LH .069" 37° D2 D3
 SW Wedge 56° 35.5" 63.5° RH / LH .059" 39° D2 D3
Z 355 Irons Standard Shaft Options
 Shaft Manufacturer Flex Butt OD Torque Tip OD Kick Point
NIPPON N.S. PRO 950GH DST Regular .600" 2.9° .362" Mid
NIPPON N.S. PRO 950GH DST Stiff .600" 2.7° .362" Mid
MIYAZAKI JINSOKU - GRAPHITE (A) Lite .602" 3.0° .362" Mid
MIYAZAKI JINSOKU - GRAPHITE Regular .606" 3.0° .362" Mid
MIYAZAKI JINSOKU - GRAPHITE Stiff .610" 3.0° .362" Mid
Z 355 Irons Standard Grip Options

  Srixon By Golf Pride

taylormade-speedblad grip
 Golf Pride  .600"-.610" 48.0g Round
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