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GlideSaddle Dynamic Comfort Seat for Segway i2 & x2 Segway's

GlideSaddle Long Range Comfortable Seat for Segway PT i2 and x2 Human Transporter Scooters - The GlideSaddle is a Comfortable way to Enjoy the Freedom of Effortless Movement and Unleash the Full Potential of your Segway® Personal Transporter - Suitable for Special Needs, Mobility & Disabled Uses - Free Shipping to all of Europe.

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GlideSaddle Multi Grip Steering Handle:

The GLIDESADDLE is a center mounted seating system for Segway i2 & x2 Models

  • The GlideSaddle Long Range Seat is a comfortable seat system for long range gliding. This is not a hard, flat, painful seat for temporary use.
  • The GlideSaddle is a comfortable way to enjoy the freedom of effortless movement and unleash the full potential of your Segway® Personal T?ransporter.
  • Plus, it keeps you at eye level with those around you, thus allowing you to have a face-to-face conversation without people having to look down on you.
  • It is also a great alternative to standard wheelchair mobility for those with moderate disabilities.
  • The GlideSaddle is designed to allow the rider to mount normally, then adjust the seat height to allow for seated or standing operation of the Segway.
  • The GlideSaddle will support riders from 100 to 265 lbs - The same weight range as the Segway® PT. The seat has been designed to provide hours of riding comfort. 
  • The seat post fits into the GlideSaddle Frame which is bolted to the Segway base.
GlideSaddle Design Features and Key Benefits
  • The center line location and slim profile of the GlideSaddle allows the rider to sit or stand, and to change positions while moving.
  • The GlideSaddle Seat slides 4.5 inches (11 cm) on an extruded aluminum rail, to allow the rider to trim their center of gravity while seated.
  • Seat Slide Stop Set Screws adjust to limit the range of Seat travel.
  • The height of the GlideSaddle Seat is adjustable over a six inch range (15 cm).
  • The GlideSaddle Seat is padded on the side, to allow a comfortable fit between the knees of the rider.
  • The GlideSaddle Seat is designed to maximize comfort in a minimal profile. 
  • The GlideSaddle loads the Segway’s Rider Detection Sensors when the Seat is loaded and ensures that the Rider Detection Sensors do not remain activated after the rider dismounts.
  • The GlideSaddle Frame is easily mounted on the Segway in about 10 minutes.
  • The GlideSaddle activates the Segway’s rider detect sensors when the seat is loaded.
  • The GlideSaddle allows the Saddle Seat to be raised with one hand to the desired height.
  • The GlideSaddle requires two hands to lower the Saddle Seat.
  • The GlideSaddle Frame is fabricated from welded steel - it is robust!


GLIDESADDLE Multi Grip Steering Handle

The GlideSaddle Multi Grip Steering Handle is an integral component of effortless movement with the GlideSaddle seat. While seated, the Multi Grip Steering Handle allows you to change your center of gravity just by repositioning your hands, thus allowing for effortless movement up and down slopes.

Please Note: The GlideSaddle Multi Grip Steering Handle is not supplied with the GlideSaddle seat but can be purchased separately.



How difficult is it to install a Glidesaddle?

Mounting a GlideSaddle Frame takes about 10 minutes with the right tools. Please Note that 4 and a 5 mm Allen wrenchs that are requied to install the GlideSaddle seat are included with the seat when purchased in Europe together with the 4 mounting screws. All rider adjustments on the SegSaddle can be made with the 4 mm Allen wrench. The seat can be removed with both the 4mm and 5mm Allen wrenches.

Limitations on who can ride the GlideSaddle
  • You must be able to get on and off the GlideSaddle equipped Segway. 
  • You must be prepared to deal with a safety shutdown. A safety shutdown gives you 10 seconds to get off the Segway before it falls over.
  • You must be able to control the LeanSteer Frame (handlebar) and shift it from side to side to control the steering or turning of the Segway.
  • You must be able to stay in the “saddle”. You need the core strength to hold your position on the GlideSaddle. If you slip off the Seat, you will fall.
  • To control the Segway you must be able to move your center of gravity by leaning forward and back. A rapid stop can require leaning backward aggressively. If you can’t control yourself while leaning forward and back, you will not be able to control the Segway.
  • If you can’t survive a fall, you have no business getting on a Segway. There are too many ways to fall on a Segway. (We’ve found a few, curbs, walls, mud...)
Not An Approved Medical Device
  • Neither the Segway nor the GlideSaddle is approved for use as a medical device by any United States or European Union regulatory agency.
  • Segway's cannot be marketed in the US or European Union as medical devices. Johnson & Johnson claims exclusive rights to the medical uses of the balancing technology found in the iBOT and Segway PT. Dean Kamen the inventor of the electric, self-balancing human transporter sold the medical rights to the technology of the IBOT, a very stable and mobile powered wheelchair, to Johnson & Johnson
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