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Cleveland Golf Clubs - Mashie Hybrid - #4 Hyb - 21.0°- Shaft: Ac...

Cleveland Golf Clubs - Mashie Hybrid - #4 Hyb - 21.0°- Shaft: Action Lite 65 - Flex: Regular - Advanced Sole Technology Adds more Distance and Forgiveness from any Lie - Price includes Free Shipping to all of Europe.
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Cleveland CG Mashie Hybrid

The Cleveland Mashie Hybrid is a super lightweight utility club that gives you versatility and function out on the golf course. Longer from any lie, the new Cleveland Golf Mashie hybrid is engineered for distance and versatility. Enhanced Gliderail technology measurably decreases turf drag for more lift and speed and impact, meaning more distance and accuracy from any lie – rough, sand, tee or fairway. Ultralite technology reduces total club weight by over 20 grams for increased head speed and distance with the same swing effort. A premium Miyazaki C. Kua 59 graphite shaft, engineered specifically for hybrids, maximizes swing speed while maintaining incredible accuracy. Also included is a RetroSock headcover, which includes the regal Mashie seal and a stylish black-and-white pom-pon. Cleveland used a gliderail sole design to give the Mashie Hybrid improved playability and versatility. The Mashie hybrid can could gain you up to 5 to 10 yards with its higher head speeds, gaining up to 3mph.

GlideRail Soel Design
PRONOUNCED dual-rail design with subtle center keel. Improved playability and extreme versatility, making the Mashie longer from any lie.

Retro-Raw Finish
A precise tumble process produces this unique throw-back crown cosmetic. Designed to provide a rugged, bulletproof look that encourages versatile play.

Mashie Ultralite Technology
Dramatically lighter Miyazaki C. Kua 59 Series premium hybrid shaft. Decreased club weight and increased length produce effortless distance(TM) gains (5-10 yards) through higher head speed (up to 3mph).

Cleveland CG Mashie Hybrid Tehcnology

Cleveland Golf's advanced Gliderail Sole Technology has been proven to add more distance and forgiveness from any lie, whether it's the fairway, rough or sand.

Why Rails?
Rails on the sole decrease turf drag and prevent digging for increased clubhead speed, which improves distance and maximizes forgiveness from any lie – particularly bad ones.

Gliderail Sole Technology Features
The Gliderail sole incorporates four rails and a strategically designed shape directly beneath the center of the club face. These five points combine to enhance versatility in any situation, truly establishing the concept of "utility."

Improved Performance From Bad Lies
When tested against a hybrid without any enhanced sole design, a hybrid with Gliderail was shown to reduce turf interaction by 3.4%, producing up to 4 mph more club head speed.

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