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Mizuno Golf Clubs - JPX900 Womens Fairway - #5 Wood - 18.0º - Adjustable - Shaft: FUJIKURA SIX Graphite - Flex:Ladies - Scientifically Crafted for Optimization - PX900 Womens Fairway Wood is the most adjustable Fairway in the Market Today for Optimization and Launch Parameters - Conform to R&A & USGA Regulations - Free Shipping to all of Europe - Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!
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JPX900 Womens Fairway Woods - Ball Speed For Everyone, Spin if You Need It.

Mizuno JPX 900 Womens Fairway Woods A fairway wood that closes the distance gap on your driver. The Women's JPX900 Fairway Woods uses Mizuno’s expanding Shockwave Sole to produce prodigious ball speeds. With a centrally located, single sliding weight to make it playable for a surprising breadth of swing types. The shockwave sole also re-distributes weight low in the head, plus weight has also been removed from the crown for better launch conditions on the turf or off the tee. Scientifically crafted for performance, realizing that spin is critical to optimizing the performance of a fairway wood, Mizuno has integrated their Fast Track Technology into the Womens JPX900 Fairway to allow ladies to precisely tune the performance. The fairway comes fitted with a high performance Fujikura Six Ladies graphite shaft with Quick Switch hosel for quick and easy shaft changing, that allows 4 degrees of loft adjustment. This is fitted as standard with the JPX900 womens fairway woods.

Fujikura Six Ladies Shafts - JPX900 2nd Shaft Offer - 2 Shafts, 1 Club.
Treat yourself  to a second shaft for only £65 - Offer applies to all JPX900 Standard Shaft Options.

Mizuno JPX900 Womens Fairway Wood Tech Specs:

  • NEW Infinite Fast Track: 15 gram adjustable weight on an unbounded track, yielding unlimited settings to precisely dial in spin and vertical launch parameters.
  • Shockwave Sole: for HIGH COR low on the face for increased ball speeds across the entire face.
  • NEW More Stable Design: for our largest sweet area yet
  • Waffle Crown: promotes forward and low COG for ease of launch.
  • Quick Switch Adaptor: +/- 2 degrees of loft adjustability.


Mizuno JPX900 Womens Fairway Wood Features:

  • New Fast Track Technology (infinite center track) for spin optimization
  • Re-engineered head dimensions
  • REAL DEAL Fujikura Six Ladies Graphite shaft
  • Golf Pride M-31 360 Round .58 Grip
  • Adjustment Tool is included as standard with the driver.
  • Matching head cover: Supplied as standard
JPX900 Womens Fairway Wood Specifications
 Club  Loft  Neutral Loft ° Lie  Length  S/Weight  Hand
 JPX900 Womens - 3 Fairway FlexLoft: 13.0°- 17.0° 15.0°  57.5° 42.00" C3-C5 RH
 JPX900 Womens - 5 Fairway FlexLoft: 16.0°- 20.0° 18.0° 58.0° 41.50" C3-C5 RH
 JPX900 Womens - 7 Fairway FlexLoft: 19.0°- 23.0° 21.0°  58.5° 41.00" C3-C5 RH
JPX900 Womens Standard Shaft Options
 Shaft Manufacturer Flex Weight Torque Kickpoint
 FUJIKURA SIX LADIES Ladies 50g 5.4 deg High
 FUJIKURA OROCHI 15 SHAFT Ladies Lite 40g 6.0 deg High
 FUJIKURA OROCHI 15 SHAFT Ladies 45g 6.0 deg High

JPX900 Womens Standard Grip Options

 Grip Manufacturer Butt Size Shape Weight
 Ladies M-31 360 Mizuno 59 Scuba blue
 Ladies M-31 360 Mizuno 59* Scuba blue 0.59" Round 52g
 Ladies M-31 360 Mizuno 59 Lemoncello
 Ladies M-31 360 Mizuno 59 Lemoncello 0.59" Round Round
  JPX900 Custom Grip Options


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