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Progen Titanium Full Bore 2.5 Driver - 10.5 Degree - Ladies Flex ...

Progen Titanium Full Bore 2.5 Driver - 10.5 Degree - Ladies Flex - Fantastic value, for the golfer on a budget - Soles Feature Cut Channels that Help Reduce Turf Drag for a Grater Degree of Accuracy on Heavier Strikes - Free Shipping to all of Europe
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Progen Full Bore 2.5 Titanium Golf Driver

Design and Tech Benefits

Thin, high-strength steel faces mean a lively impact feel. Fixed rear twin weights lower the centre of gravity and increase moment of inertia for extra heel and toe forgiveness. Soles feature cut channels that help reduce turf drag for a grater degree of accuracy on heavier strikes. Progen’s Full Bore 2.5 Titanium driver is just the tool for that particular job – and for less than 100 quid, it’s a big-headed budget club that looks and feels a lot more expensive.

The ‘marketing speak’ will tell you that "The 440cc driver head is constructed from 6AL4V forged titanium and an optimised centre of gravity resulting in more penetrating flight and longer ball carry." It’s easy to hit this club long and straight – as long as you swing it ‘easy.’ The large head with dotted arrow marking the centre of the face can lead to over-confidence and the belief that you can blast it out of sight. A smooth, controlled swing which results in a central strike on the clubhead reaps its rewards with a satisfying click off the face and that smug feeling as you see the ball arc away into the distance.

Progen Full Bore 2.5 Titanium Driver Specs:

  • 10.5 and 13 degree
  • 440cc Titanium Driver
  • Full Bore Mid Kick Point
  • Flex: (L) Lite & (R) Regular 
  • Graphite Shafts: Full Bore Performance Calibrated - Mid Kick Point
  • Gents Right Hand Only
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