Segway i2 with a SegSaddle or SegSeat - Available Upon Request

Second Hand Segway i2 Personal Human Transporter PT Scooters fitted with a SegSaddle or SegSeat - Available Upon Request - Suitable for Special Needs, Mobility & Disabled Uses.



Product: Segway i2 with a SegSaddle or SegSeat - Available Upon Request
  • The SegSaddle is designed to allow the rider to mount normally, then adjust the seat height to allow for seated or standing operation of the Segway.
  • The SegSaddle will support riders from 100 to 265 lbs - The same weight range as the Segway® PT. The seat has been designed to provide hours of riding comfort. 
  • The seat post fits into the SegSaddle Frame which is bolted to the Segway base.
  • The SegSaddle Frame includes a Shock Absorber that is tuned for the weight of the primary rider when the SegSaddle is ordered. Additional Shock Springs may be purchased, and easily changed out by the owner to provide multiple riders with the best possible ride.

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) i2 is designed for easy operation over a variety of terrains, the i2 features LeanSteer" technology as well as the new InfoKey" controller. The i2 lets you glide through your daily commute or zip from errand to errand, indoors and out, without worrying about parking.

The LeanSteer frame and handlebar tilt left and right in response to your body's natural inclination to lean in the direction you want to travel. The i2 seems to anticipate your every move and adjusts to your slightest whim. The wireless InfoKey controller constantly monitors data such as battery level, speed and distance, and includes a new security feature to help protect your i2.

The i2 also comes equipped with Saphion lithium-ion batteries. These durable batteries deliver an impressive range of up to 24 miles on a single charge (depending on terrain, riding style and payload). Saphion lithium-ion batteries are low-maintenance, have a long service life and can operate at battery temperatures as low as 14 F / -10 C.
In addition to the redundant safety features at the heart of all Segway PT models, the i2 comes equipped with a number of standard features, like the wireless infoKey controller, which allows the rider to monitor speed, distance traveled, and battery life, as well as security alarm activation. The LeanSteer frame is adjustable to the comfort of the rider and allows the Segway PT to fit in the trunk of many cars.
Segway i2 Specifications at a Glance:

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