SegSaddle Dynamic Seat for Segway i2 & x2 Segway's

SegSaddle Seat for Segway PT i2 and x2 Human Transporter Scooters. Suitable for Special Needs, Mobility & Disabled Uses. Free Shipping to all of Europe.





Product: SegSaddle Dynamic Seat for Segway i2 & x2 Segway's

The Segsaddle is a center mounted seating system for Segway i2 & x2's

  • The SegSaddle is designed to allow the rider to mount normally, then adjust the seat height to allow for seated or standing operation of the Segway.
  • The SegSaddle will support riders from 100 to 265 lbs - The same weight range as the Segway® PT. The seat has been designed to provide hours of riding comfort. 
  • The seat post fits into the SegSaddle Frame which is bolted to the Segway base.
  • The SegSaddle Frame includes a Shock Absorber that is tuned for the weight of the primary rider when the SegSaddle is ordered. Additional Shock Springs may be purchased, and easily changed out by the owner to provide multiple riders with the best possible ride.
SegSaddle Design - Key Benefits
  • The center line location and slim profile of the SegSaddle allows the rider to sit or stand, and to change positions while moving.
  • The Saddle Seat slides 4.5 inches (11 cm) on an extruded aluminum rail, to allow the rider to trim their center of gravity while seated.
  • Seat Slide Stop Set Screws adjust to limit the range of Seat travel.
  • The height of the Saddle Seat is adjustable over a six inch range (15 cm).
  • The Saddle Seat is padded on the side, to allow a comfortable fit between the knees of the rider.
  • The Saddle Seat is designed to maximize comfort in a minimal profile. 
  • A Shock Absorber in the Seat Post cushions riders on typical urban asphalt. The Shock Spring Assembly is customized at SegSaddle LLC for riders between 100 and 250 pounds (45 to 115 kg). The Shock Spring Assembly can be changed after purchase, and additional Shock Spring Assemblies are available.
  • The SegSaddle loads the Segway’s Rider Detection Sensors when the Seat is loaded and ensures that the Rider Detection Sensors do not remain activated after the rider dismounts.
  • A Lifting Point and Tie Down are built in to the SegSaddle Frame.
SegSaddle Frame
The SegSaddle is attached on the i2 or x2 Segway® by the SegSaddle Frame which is mounted on the 2nd generation Segway by four bolts on the Segway base. The only modifications to the Segway are trimming the standard foot pads to accommodate the SegBase Frame.
  • The SegSaddle Frame is easily mounted on the Segway in about 10 minutes.
  • The SegSaddle activates the Segway’s rider detect sensors when the seat is loaded.
  • The SegSaddle allows the Saddle Seat to be raised with one hand to the desired height.
  • There is a safety stop which prevents the SegSaddle Seat Post from being accidentally removed when raising it.
  • The SegSaddle requires two hands to lower the Saddle Seat.
  • The SegSaddle Frame contains a shock absorber to help reduce the impact of bumps and curb drops.
  • The SegSaddle Frame is fabricated from welded steel - it is robust!
Saddle Seat
The Saddle Seat is uniquely designed for the SegSaddle. Balancing comfort with width at the back to facilitate mounting the SegSaddle equiped Segway. The firm narrow “nose” of the seat fits comfortably between the legs of the rider, and the sides are padded as well, so the rider can grip the seat for added support if needed. Wallis Design, the designer of the Saddle Seat, also designs high end gear for long distance unicyclists. WD unicycle seats have supported unicycle riders traveling over 400 km through the Swiss Alps.
    • The Saddle Seat is made of two different density closed cell foams. The firmer one is on the bottom, for long term support, while the softer one is on top for long term comfort.
    • The Saddle Seat is contoured to support the rider’s “sit bones” while providing “perineal relief” for long term sitting comfort.
    • The cover is lycra. Other materials may be available by special order.
    • Sitting on the Saddle Seat activates the Segway’s Rider Detect Sensors.
    • The Saddle Seat has a height adjustment range of six inches (15 cm) in 9 steps.
    • The Saddle Seat slides forward and back on a HDPE side over a four inch (10 cm) range to enable the rider to trim their center of gravity to a neutral position.
    • The SegSaddle Seat Post is easily mounted or removed in seconds.
SegSaddle Standard & Custom Spring Sizes and Weight Ranges:
The Segsaddle Seat comes fitted with 1x (One) Standard Spring, additional springs can be purchased. Standard SegSaddle Springs provide a firm suspension to riders in their designated weight range. Firm means there will be no "give" when the rider just sits on the SegSaddle. If there is a little give, the ride will be smoother over city sidewalks with cracks and bumps. If you want a softer ride please select the next softer Standard SegSaddle Spring, or request a custom SegSaddle Spring when you order. A custom SegSaddle Spring can provide both a soft ride, and the ability to carefully drop off a 6 inch (15cm) curb.
SegSaddle Standard Spring Options:
Small (Red Spring) - for riders between 100 and 129 lbs or 45 to 58 kg
Medium (Yellow Spring) - for riders between 130 and 169 lbs or 59 to 76 kg
Large (Green Spring) - for riders between 170 and 219 lbs or 77 to 99 kg
XLarge (Blue Spring) - for riders between 220 and 265 lbs or 100 to 120 kg
There is no charge for a Custom fit Spring if it is ordered with a SegSaddle order. Additional Custom Fit SegSaddle Springs are available at a charge of £75 per spring. You can custom fit a SegSaddle Spring to the riders weight and riding style but you only have 1.1 inches (27.5mm) of travel in the suspension system so you need an accurate weight. When the SegSaddle Spring is custom set to Firm, a rider of the targeted weight can drop off a 6 inch curb without bottoming out the suspension, and there will be no "give" when the rider just sits on the SegSaddle.
When the the SegSaddle Spring is custom set to Soft, a rider of the targeted weight will drop a bit when the rider just sits on the SegSaddle - this makes riding over sidewalk cracks more comfortable. With a custom SegSaddle Spring the rider can also drop off a 6 inch curb without bottoming out the suspension. We recommend a soft setting for most customers unless you know you'll be doing a lot of heavy outdoor riding.
Custom Fit SegSaddle Springs are available at 10lbs or 4.5kg increments for riders between 90 lbs to 260 lbs (40 to 120 kg). Custom Fit Springs have a  15% ( + or -)  weight range above or below the springs optimized target weight, i.e. a spring optimized for a 200 lbs or 90kg rider is ok for riders between 170 and 230 lbs or 77kg and 103.5kg.
SegSaddle Custom Fit Spring Options:
90 -    for riders between 77 and 103 lbs or 34 to 46 kg
100-   for riders between 85 and 115 lbs or 38 to 52 kg
110-   for riders between 94 and 127 lbs or 42 to 57 kg
120-   for riders between 102 and 138 lbs or 46 to 62 kg
130-   for riders between 110 and 150 lbs or 50 to 68 kg  
140-   for riders between 119 and 161 lbs or 54 to 72 kg
150-   for riders between 127 and 172 lbs or 58 to 78 kg
160-   for riders between 136 and 184 lbs or 62 to 82 kg 
170-   for riders between 145 and 196 lbs or 66 to 88 kg 
180-   for riders between 153 and 207 lbs or 69 to 93 kg 
190-   for riders between 162 and 219 lbs or 73 to 98 kg
200-   for riders between 170 and 230 lbs or 77 to 103 kg 
210-   for riders between 178 and 241 lbs or 80 to 108 kg
220-   for riders between 187 and 253 lbs or 84 to 114 kg
230-   for riders between 196 and 265 lbs or 88 to 119 kg
SegSaddle Videos
SegSurrey Videos
How difficult is it to install a Segsaddle?

Mounting a SegSaddle Frame takes about 10 minutes with the right tools. The SegSaddle comes with the required tools in a small, labeled, zip-lock bag. A Torx 25 wrench, a 4 mm Allen wrench and a 5 mm Allen wrench are included in the box together with the 4 mounting screws. All rider adjustments on the SegSaddle can be made with the 4 mm Allen wrench. The seat can be removed with both the 4mm and 5mm Allen wrenches. Note that the 5 mm wrench can also be used to remove the Lean Steer Frame from the Segway.

Standard/Comfort Segway Mats?

Segsaddle recomend that you DO NOT modify your existing Standard/Comfort Mats to fit the SegSaddle yourself! SegSaddle carefully shape the mats to fit around the SegSaddle to make sure that the Segway works correctly and that there isn't any interference with the Segway's Rider Detect Sensors.  The big concern is that when you get off the Segway, improperly modified mats will hold the Segway's Rider Detect Sensors down, making the Segway function as if you were still on it. This is a serious safety problem. It will also prevent you from powering down the Segway. SegSaddle LLC's process of trimming the standard Segway Mats involves a NC Milling of the mats in order to get the best fit and finish - and to ensure that the Rider Detect sensors function properly.

SegSaddle’s recommendation to SegSaddle customers is to use the standard mats which we have modified and come provided with the unit. If you want to order a SegSaddle with Comfort Mats these can be provided for an additional £100 when ordering your SegSaddle.

Limitations on who can ride the SegSaddle
  • You must be able to get on and off the SegSaddle equipped Segway. 
  • You must be prepared to deal with a safety shutdown. A safety shutdown gives you 10 seconds to get off the Segway before it falls over.
  • You must be able to control the LeanSteer Frame (handlebar) and shift it from side to side to control the steering or turning of the Segway.
  • You must be able to stay in the “saddle”. You need the core strength to hold your position on the SegSaddle. If you slip off the Seat, you will fall.
  • To control the Segway you must be able to move your center of gravity by leaning forward and back. A rapid stop can require leaning backward aggressively. If you can’t control yourself while leaning forward and back, you will not be able to control the Segway.
  • If you can’t survive a fall, you have no business getting on a Segway. There are too many ways to fall on a Segway. (We’ve found a few, curbs, walls, mud...)
Not An Approved Medical Device
  • Neither the Segway nor the SegSaddle is approved for use as a medical device by any United States or European Union regulatory agency.
  • Segway's cannot be marketed in the US or European Union as medical devices. Johnson & Johnson claims exclusive rights to the medical uses of the balancing technology found in the iBOT and Segway PT. Dean Kamen the inventor of the electric, self-balancing human transporter sold the medical rights to the technology of the IBOT, a very stable and mobile powered wheelchair, to Johnson & Johnson
Segsaddle Manual and instruction PDF's
Instructions for unpacking the SegSaddle: unpacking_instructions_v1-0.pdf
SegSaddle Manual: segsaddle_manual_v1-3c.pdf
The SegSaddle warning lable: seg saddle warning_label.pdf

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